Major Highway Systems of Denver

Denver has several major highways and interstate freeways that make navigation around the city, or bypassing the city, pretty easy.

Interstate 70 in Colorado, also known as I-70, is a transcontinental Interstate Highway that traverses an east-west route across Denver.  The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has the construction of I-70 among the engineering marvels undertaken in the Interstate Highway system.  At it’s busiest point in Denver, I-70 facilitates an average of 183,000 vehicles per day.

I-70 essentially spits Denver in half, horizontally, and is the primary route used for travelers, tourists, and residents traveling east or west in and out of the Denver area.

Interstate 25 in Colorado, also known as I-25, flows north-south through the Denver corridor.  The stretch of 1-25 that passes through the Denver area has historically been referred to as the Valley Highway.  I-25 is also considered to be part of the unofficial Pan-American Highway.

Interstate 225 in Denver, also known as I-225, is a connector spur route of Interstate 25.  It’s the only auxiliary route of I-25, and runs north from I-25 to Interstate 70, intersecting I-70 at Colfax Avenue.

Interstate 76, also known as I-76, is an Interstate Highway in the Denver, CO metro area that runs from I-70 to an intersection with Interstate 80.

State Highway 2 is a state highway in Denver, CO that runs for about 24 miles in a north-south direction.  It is one of the major thoroughfares on the east side of Denver, and it’s known locally as Colorado Boulevard.  It’s south end begins at Highway 285 and terminates on the north end at Interstate 76.

US Route 6 is a US Highway that passes through the Denver metro area in an east-west direction.

State Highway 470, also known as C-470 and SH 470, is the southwestern portion of the Denver metro area’s beltway, and is a freeway for it’s entire length.

Colorado State Highway 30, also known as Hampden Avenue, is a state highway traveling east-west in the Denver metro area.  Highway 30 is approximately 20 miles in length, with it’s west end beginning at I-25, and terminating gin the east at Quincy Avenue.