Denver Airports

Denver is served by seven local airports.  Denver International Airport (KDEN) is the primary commercial airport, and the one that most people are familiar with.

Denver has 6 additional airports that serve the area, although none are international airports except for Denver International.

There has been three airports in the Denver area which have closed down in recent years.  One of these former airports was Stapleton International Airport.  Closed in 1995, Stapleton International Airport was the primary commercial airport serving the Denver area, until the new Denver International Airport was opened and succeeded it.

Denver International Airport is the major airport for scheduled airline service in the Denver Front Range. Colorado Springs Municipal Airport has occasionally served as a lower-cost alternative for Denver’s southern suburbs, apart from its primary focus on the Colorado Springs MSA. Additionally, Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport has airline service and is occasionally used by those living in the Denver area.

Visitors to the Denver International Airport can catch a glimpse of the famous, or infamous in some regards, Blue Mustang statue.  Locals have given this iconic statue the nickname of Blucifer, as it is notable for having killed it’s creator Luis Jiménez when a section of it fell on him at his studio, in addition to it’s intimidating red eyes.  The eyes are illuminated, and glow red which gives the mustang a striking appearance!

Jiménez was killed in 2006 at age 65 while creating the sculpture when its head fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.[1] At the time of his death, Jiménez had completed painting the head of the mustang. The sculpture was completed with the help of the artist’s staff, family, and professional race-car painters Camillo Nuñez and Richard LaVato. Upon completion the sculpture was sent to California for assembly and then shipped to Denver. Blue Mustang was unveiled at Denver International Airport on February 11, 2008